Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral – The Renovation (Part 1 of 3)

Last year, December 18, I dropped by Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral and found out that it was under renovation (still is as of this writing). One thing that caught my attention was the removal of the original spires. Furthermore, I couldn’t recognize the grounds behind the cathedral, originally it was a park during my time.

It’s just sad, at first they put a transmission tower on the main spire of the cathedral in the early ’80s. Then, when the diocese wanted to raise some funds, they built commercial area behind it; they just ensured that the apostles are not covered by these new buildings. And now, they totally changing the aesthetics.

Somebody can call me a sentimental fool, but I do miss the old cathedral. Of all people, I would expect the local diocese to have some sense of history.

Here are some pictures that I took during my visit:


The spires of the cathedral have been changed.

This must be the old chapel for internment. I remember the old chapel to be smaller.

Unidentified building located at the back of the chancery, beside SPES.

This is the old chancery where you can find rare Philippine Eagle, on top of the priests staying there.

This is the main spire, at the same time serves as the transmission tower of DZGN-FM.

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