Google Map Update for Sorsogon City

Some of the places in the compound tagged in Google Map.

In the last several months, I am fascinated by Google Map that I decided to add certain places in my hometown. Sadly, high definition map doesn’t cover the 2 districts – Bacon and Sorsogon.

To name a few:

  • Colegio de la Milagrosa
  • Girl Scouts of the Philippines – Sorsogon
  • Philippine Information Authority – Sorsogon
  • Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center
  • Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Sorsogon
  • Jane’s Restaurant – I included this since this is an old restaurant, dating back when it was still called Velasco Restaurant (somebody can correct me on this)
  • Padre Licup Hall
  • Paroja Hill and Pepita Park and Leisure Center
  • Sorsogon Tennis Club
  • Centro Department Store
  • Calle Nueva

It would be nice if Google could provide a high resolution for the whole of province of Sorsogon. Sooner or later, it will.

Spots in Barangay Bucalbucalan

I am sure that the local government has some people looking into Google Map as a force multiplier tool, but I will share my ideas anyway:

  1. Tourism – Provide all the hotels and restaurants in the city, including its websites and contact information. With higher resolution maps, the city government can publish tourist spots and important landmarks around the city.
  2. Zoning – with a satellite map, it’s easier for city officials to identify and develop areas for different purposes. It can also easily identify high density from low density area.
  3. Disaster Readiness – during Ondoy, one Google user was able to map the flooded area of Marikina based on the reports in the internet. In the city, flooding is rare, except during strong typhoons; perhaps landslide-prone area can be tracked (unfortunately, the mountains dividing Albay and Sorsogon is not yet on high resolution format).

I hope other locales will add more information for everyone’s sake. Though, I did encounter some extreme update like, but this might be a joke, tagging the spot where the author was found when he was still an infant.

Note: I noticed that there are 3 names, including mine, editing the city area.

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