The Biggest Bulusan Eruption So Far

One of the biggest eruption of Mt. Bulusan. The picture was taken behind a house in Plaza Bonifacio, in front of Tiya Tinay's.

Last Saturday, while on our way to Tiya Tinay’s Coffee Shop at Plaza Bonifacio, we chanced to see Bulusan’s biggest eruption so far (as of 7am of November 20). It’s also the biggest i’ve seen so far in my entire life. One thing I noticed after I walked around the city proper for an hour – when I wiped my face with a towel, the color of the dust is brown.

The view is better in Rempeolas, but after this picture was taken, that was the only time I went there – the clouds were covering the volcano. Another clear view is from Barangay Capuy.

Of course, for every opportunity to take the volcano eruption means worse suffering for those living nearby.

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2 Responses to The Biggest Bulusan Eruption So Far

  1. sorsogoncity says:

    Note: The quality of the picture is unsatisfactory since I used Nokia E75, set to snap 2 Megapixel resolution. And no optical zoom to assist it. Otherwise, just for blogging purposes, this is alright, I think.

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