Globe Service in Sorsogon City III

During my stay in the city last weekend, I noticed how bad the Globe signal is – can’t even get a decent signal inside a wooden house! Though the basics – making a call (that got dropped after a while or send sms) is working.

But then again, even in Manila (especially Ortigas area), its signal is simply contrary to what Globe stands for! I did got some feedback who work with the said organization – since Ondoy, their GSM capacity started to max out and now they are on the process of upgrading their facility. To some extent, their telecom engineers are putting overtimes like hell – good for their pockets during holiday season.

I just hope the NPAs do not target the local cell sites again – this is just too inconvenient!

Nothing has changed since the last post I did. Sigh…

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One Response to Globe Service in Sorsogon City III

  1. dhon zepol says:

    globe sorsogon. very poor customer service ..

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