Sorsogon City’s Pedestrian Overpass – A sign of progress?

While waiting for a tricycle that will take me to OLV-Bibincahan, I couldn’t believe what I saw along Magsaysay St. – a pedestrian overpass!!!

Wait ’til you hear this – there’s also one in Sorsogon Pilot Elementary School connecting the main to the annex area! Later I confirmed this with a picture.

To those who decided that such construction have merits, here are my questions:

  1. What are the objectives of having a pedestrian overpass over the roads that are not even more than 10 meters wide? Do we have national standards for such structure? I know we have one for the humps, apparently, nobody wants to implement it.
  2. How would the authorities ensure that students and teachers will really make use of it? Somebody has to consider the fact that Commonwealth Ave. in Quezon City, considered the widest highway system in the Philippines, have the highest pedestrian accident even with the presence of such edifice.
  3. Did we ask the teachers who are reaching retirement age if they are still willing to navigate through these overpass?
  4. How many do we really expect to benefit for the said projects versus money that can be well spent on sustained water supply to the schools and clean toilets?
  5. Did we ask the stakeholders (students and teachers, to name a couple) if they appreciate the benefits of the projects?

I do not intend to criticize these projects since there might be some merits that I do not recognize. Though, I cannot help but to ask those who are concerned to be more transparent considering that our government is on the red – people clamor to know what’s happening to our taxes. Furthermore, I am hoping that we would’ve learned some lessons on those numerous waiting sheds that are not of use to the public, in my honest opinion.

Oh well, if it’s any consolation, I haven’t heard if they are going to paint it in PINK!

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8 Responses to Sorsogon City’s Pedestrian Overpass – A sign of progress?

  1. sorsogoncity says:

    Here’s one comment from FB – “”ang sa pilot naman, i think they constructed it so they can open the street going to pier. sinasara na baga kaya ang gate didto kay sobrang dami din ng kids to prevent accident siguro. pero wara nang access ang mga trucks and other vehicles going to pier. pano man an pagburuhay? 🙂 and there’s another one in brgy rizal, di mo napansin? sa may pakadto EDC :)”

  2. sorsogoncity says:

    Another one Sorsogueno in the US (source also FB) – “Useless project …sign of irresponsible planning or a money making project”

  3. sorsogoncity says:

    Here’s another opinion from the same FB account – “useful naman actually kay maramukon na dida… perming traffic… grabeng estudyante… dili gaya dati….. niyan grabe na! mayad yan na di na magtawid ang mga kids sa street… but yeah.. still a money making project! 🙂 they couldve used steel… less kunta sa budget… it looks so heavy… sa manila pinaralitan na ang mga concrete na overpass.”

  4. sorsogoncity says:

    Here’s another one from FB: “bagan kadelikado man san sa pilot for kids…aram mo naman ang mga batit nagtuturulakan tiaw tiaw what if may maglapanak didto…oo nga ila i agree dapat steel na lang ginibo mas madali kuta na tapos…haay…siyempre [deleted phrase] baya pano man….tsk tsk tsk”

  5. Nilda Boland says:

    saan na dadaan ang mga matataas na truck?

    • sorsogoncity says:

      for those trucks carrying container vans, they will fit under kay bagan approx. 5 meters (4.75 an standard didi sa pinas) an clearance from ground up. We don’t have those very big trucks in the US.

  6. ashbrook says:

    look what happened to Daraga foot bridges. lol walang feasibility study batsa sana mag karoon ng pam pakitang tao, wastage of money. irresponsible projects. lagyan nila ng traffic lights much useful.

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