Bishop Cautions Faithful on Pro-choice “Catholic” Group

Monday, April
12th, 2010

MANILA, April 7, 2010-A Church official has warned the public to
become wary of a “Catholic” group that endorses the use of condom.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes has called on Catholics to be cautious
of a Washington D.C.-based pro-abortion group called Catholic for Choice
(CFC) which has given its full support to the condom distribution
program of the Department of Health (DoH).

Mag-ingat tayo sa grupo na yan. Lilinlangin tayo niyan para lumabas
na suportado ng simbahan ang condom which is malinaw at noon pa natin
sinasabi na tutol tayo sa condom distribution ng DoH” (Be wary of this
group. Let us not allow ourselves to be misled. The Church has been
clear from the beginning why it is against the condom program of DOH)

the bishop said in an interview with Radio Veritas.

Bastes said the group’s advocacy goes against the will of God and the
teachings of the Catholic Church.

“It is against the will of God, against the teaching of the Church.
We have to respect life God has given us. We cannot simply play with the
divine power of human reproduction, that’s why the Catholic Church is
really against it,” the Sorsogon bishop explained.

The prelate said the American-based “catholic” organization is not
following the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

“[Their support] for condom and all kinds of contraceptives are
really against the teachings of the Church,” he said.

In a report, CFC president Jon O’Brien praised DOH Sec. Cabral for
her brave stance against the Catholic Church’s position on the
contraceptive issues.

O’Brien said that the condom distribution program “will undoubtedly
save lives as the country confronts the HIV/AIDS epidemic.”

Bastes believed that the group is being funded by an international
organization which promotes condoms and artificial contraceptives.

He advised Catholics to think and reflect well on their stand on
condom distribution.

“If you support condom distribution, you have to examine your life if
you should remain catholic. As a catholic, you must follow the
teachings of the Catholic Church. There is no such thing as half
Catholic,” he said.

Bastes urged the faithful to avoid the use of artificial
contraceptives especially condom since it can only lead to all kinds of
immoral actions.

“Life is a sacred [gift] from God. We have to value and respect it,”
he said.

Founded in 1973, the CFC organization serves as a “voice for
Catholics who believe that their faith supports a woman’s moral and
legal rights to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and
reproductive health.” (CBCPNews)

Note: Original article can be found here.

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