Sorsogon Provincial Museum and Heritage Center

The main entrance of the museum.

As far as I know, this is the first of its kind in Sorsogon City (perhaps on the whole province). Based on the official information, the museum was first envisioned by Mr. Reynaldo Jamoralin, president of Sorsogon Arts Council. He worked with Mrs. Ceciila H. Duran. The original plan was to locate the heritage center at Pinaculan Island, Sorsogon Bay. Unfortunately, this didn’t materialize. On 2003, then, Mayor Sally Lee offered the old Sorsogon municipal building, along Burgos street, as a museum site.Through Resolution #81-04 by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Sorsogon, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed and executed on January 4, 2005 between the Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. and Sorsogon’s provincial government.

The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center is currently located in the old provincial hospital. There’s a security guard in the entrance. And when I visited the place, there was one lady guide, whose name I cannot recall.

The museum has 3 galleries located on different rooms. One gallery contains posters of each town of the province, and what they are to offer.

The major gallery is located on right side, after the guest enters the museum. It contains some of the following:

  • Pre-Historical artifacts dug
  • Old pictures dating back during Governor-General Howard Taft’s time.
  • Chinaware dating back Ming Dynasty
  • An article about the Thomasites who were assigned in Sorsogon during the American occupation.
  • A model of whale shark that is commonly found in the waters of Donsol, northwest of Sorsogon City.

It has its own library, containing books about the province of Sorsogon. Most of the collections are old issues of Mr & Ms donated by Eugenia Apostol (one of the founders of Philippine Daily Inquirer) and some certificates/trophies of the said person.

On the left side of the main door, upon entering the museum, the guests will find books about the province of Sorsogon. There’s even a coffee table book titled Sorsogon Province containing beautiful pictures of the province (each copy costs PHP1,500). What’s worth mentioning is the fact that there’s a compilation of different articles/compositions about Sorsogon, may it be literary or research in nature – Sarabihon – published by Sorsogon Heritage Society, Inc. Each issue costs PHP450. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come back to buy one.

It has separate rest rooms for both female and male guests, which are relatively clean.

I am glad that certain individuals like Mr. Jamoralin and Mrs. Duran are investing time and efforts to showcase our province’s history. There’s still a lot of potential to grow the museum, especially the artifacts. Finally, having the old provincial hospital building as the site provides the Sorsoguenos a glimpse of the old Sorsogon (town) way back.

Here are additional pictures of the museum.

Note: If you find some information here incorrect, feel free to provide comment or send an email to

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  1. Sorsogon says:

    I found this article from Mr. Ferrer, it gives more insight on how they planned the site. Here\’s the URL –

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