Editing Wiki of Sorsogon City

I am an avid fan of Wikipedia. I use this tool for my research (with caution, of course), and read articles during my idle time. It’s very informative. Several years ago, I edited the wikipedia entry on Sorsogon province and completed the list of towns under it. I started editing the entry for Sorsogon City around 2004, mostly were typo error.

On October 2010, I decided to separate the list of city barangays to provide expansion opportunity to each political unit.

I find it fun sharing information to the public, of course, the sources of the information should be cited or can be modified if it has changed. Thus, Wikipedia is the best place to share such information.

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One Response to Editing Wiki of Sorsogon City

  1. sorsogoncity says:

    Slowly, the wiki article for Sorsogon is growing. It’s being updated, in my observation, every 2 months. I also created the list of barangays for Sorsogon. I hope to get more information in the long run about these barangays. I hope, more Sorsoganons will do the same.

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