Bucket List – Create a Blog for Sorsogon City

When I was in grade 6, I started keeping a journal. This was reinforced when I saw my late grandfather’s diary in a 500-leaf log book (I can’t remember where I placed it or if I threw it, but I didn’t have a chance to read his entries). I continued doing it on a daily basis when I was in my first year high school, if I remember it right. I would also look for special notebooks like those special papers coming from elephant grass pulp (normally, I could buy this during regional jamborettes) or my mom’s very own tied down (spring was removed) Corona notebook. 

Later on, I have had more activities than writing a journal. However, my passion for writing never disappeared. From third year to fourth year high school, I was part of the our school paper, Luzon Tip, as a photojournalist. Come college, my uncles/mentors, develop my technical writing skills, which I still use in my current role in a multinational company. When I started working, I still maintained my journal, however, I focused more on travelogue (sadly, I lost most of my travelogue articles since I created it via email and shared it with my friends).

In the last 3 years, I learned about blogging. I started with a blog about my life as a just before I got married. Then, I created one for and a blog about my work. And in the last 12 months, I want to develop a blog that means something to me, but not exactly about me. This is where the idea of blogging about Sorsogon came about.

The objective of this blog is to simply write something about Sorsogon City, where I grew up. Thus, this trip, I took the opportunity to grab some pictures and research some articles about Bacon and Sorsogon (I still getting the hang of Sorsogon City as a place).

I encourage everyone who has the same passion as I do to contribute their own articles about Sorsogon City.

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