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Globe Service in Sorsogon II

Last December 17, I wrote a blog entry how poor Globe mobile coverage in Sorsogon is. Worse, I am staying in Capuy with my wife. The signal doesn’t penetrate the house’s walls and I have to get out on the … Continue reading

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Editing Wiki of Sorsogon City

I am an avid fan of Wikipedia. I use this tool for my research (with caution, of course), and read articles during my idle time. It’s very informative. Several years ago, I edited the wikipedia entry on Sorsogon province and … Continue reading

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Bucket List – Create a Blog for Sorsogon City

When I was in grade 6, I started keeping a journal. This was reinforced when I saw my late grandfather’s diary in a 500-leaf log book (I can’t remember where I placed it or if I threw it, but I … Continue reading

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